Toy Story Theme Party Ideas

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasAlien Cupcakes from Toy Story

Kids just love “Toy Story” so a Toy Story theme party is a great idea for kids of all ages. A classic choice for a party is those enduring characters that find a life of their own and become a part of culture. Just like any party, certain steps need to be planned for it to be successful and this starts with Toy Story theme party invitations. Work up a guest list of those who are to be invited to the party, as this will proves to be helpful with figuring out how much of a certain item is needed. Also knowing what kind of food, snacks and dessert is going to be served to the guest as well.

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasCheap Birthday Party for a Toy Story Theme Party

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Alien Cupcakes Photo

Since Buzz Light-year and Woody the Cowboys are the stars of this recent classic, many of the Toy Story theme party supplies should probably feature them. Start off with picking up stickers to be added to the invites, placed on table decor and one to each guest in attendance. Add a couple of banners and some streamers in matching colors like yellow, white and green.

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Story 3 Birthday Cake

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Story 3 Birthday Cake Ideas

Setup a room to serve as movie theater room for everyone to watch the three different Toy Story movies that have been made over the years. This room’s party supplies list will includes things like; a blue ray player, one large liquid crystal display television, a surround sound package to hear the movie and one of each of the movies in blue ray format for viewing. Once each move has started take note of the time, so that returning to place the next movie in can be done efficiently.

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Story Birthday Party

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Story Birthday Party Cupcakes

With all this excitement and running around, be ready for the children’s hunger pangs at the Toy Story theme party. The next portion of the needed party supplies will focus on the food and what it will be served upon. Cover the tables with green and yellow table cloths to start with, then white silverware for the guest to eat with. Colorful flowers can be set in planters for the centerpieces.

Toy Story Theme Party IdeasToy Story Theme Party Ideas

Lastly on the list of party supplies are the decorations for the cakes and ice cream. With having already selected the dishes to serve the cake and ice cream on, the focus is on what has going to be on or around the cake or cakes. Topping the cake with a mini Buzz or Woody would be a good place to start. Hats and whistles for the kids to wear while the cake is being cut and any songs are being sung.

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