Easy Kids Birthday Cakes

A cake is always needed for any kind of birthday party. For a kid’s birthday party, you can, perhaps, make use of some of the easy kids’ birthday cake ideas which are available in many sources. Some examples of these ideas include the sports-themed birthday cake, superheroes birthday cake, castle birthday cake, and the princess birthday cake. You can either opt for ready-made or custom-made which may require a little effort.

Incorporate the theme of a birthday party into a specially made cake is not as difficult as one may think. Choose the child’s favorite sport or superhero to create a party and a cake that your child will love. With the help of cake molds and colorful icing, you can create cakes for any birthday party theme. Making a birthday party cake for your child is a creative art that also provides an edible treat for your party guests.

Sports-themed cakes can be easy to create for a birthday. A football or baseball cake does not require special designs – you can create it with a simple round or football shaped cake pan and add decorative touches with icing. A baseball cap is another sports-related cake design that is easy to create. The cap is a dome cake with half of a round cake making up the rim of the hat. Use icing colored in the colors of the boy’s favorite team.

Use Spiderman or SpongeBob, or any other favorite character, as inspiration for a kids’ birthday cake, especially boys. A Spiderman head can be made with a dome cake tin or a football-shaped cake tin. Decorate Spidey with red icing for the head, dark chocolate icing to create the webbing and white icing for the eyes. SpongeBob cakes are a simple square design with yellow icing for the body. Use fondant icing to cut shapes for the eyes, tie, mouth, legs, arms and pants.

Boys and girls love the towering sand castle cake, and bakers love how easy it is to make and decorate. This cake is made entirely of Rice Kris pies squares. To determine how much is required, take into consideration the number of party guests. A rectangular cake pan is ideal for making these treats. After baking, cut a large circle out of the center to use as the foundation for your castle. Make the castle as many layers as you’d like height. At least three thick layers work well. Have six each of triangle-shaped sugar ice cream cones as well as plain cones on hand for the decorating. The plain ones serve as bases and the sugar ones fit on top of the plain to act as turrets. Circle them around the edges of all the tiers. Place graham cracker stick pieces around the rim, and use whole graham cracker squares for the doors. Scatter candy seashells and rocks around the bottom of the cake for an added effect.

You can opt to make a more traditional cake by using yellow cake mix instead of Rice Kris pies squares. Going this route requires you to place graham crackers into a processor and turn the sticks into crumbs. Frost the entire cake with cream icing and cover with the crumbs. Decorate with cones, seashells and candy rocks.

Any little girl would love a princess cake and you can make it easily. Make two large, round cakes, and stack them with frosting between them. Use sugar cones – the ones with the pointed bottoms – as the points on the crown. Cut the very point off of each one and set it, upside-down, on the cake. Make a circle of the cones around the top edges of the cake. Put a dab of frosting on each cone tip and settle around a candy – like a Sour Cherry or gum ball – on top of each one.

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