Ballerina Birthday Cake

Some girls love Ballerina and it makes a great birthday theme as well. Having a Ballerina birthday cake for a girl’s birthday party may be an excellent present for her. There are many different types of Ballerina birthday cake designs and patterns and you can even create your own unique design to suit the preference of the birthday girl.

The delicateness of ballerinas has been fascinating little girls for years, so it may not come as a surprise when your daughter asks for a ballerina-themed birthday party this year. There are several simple ways to create a birthday cake with a ballerina theme for your little one’s celebration; you can also get input from the guest of honour to have a ballerina cake professionally decorated in customized style.

Ballerina cake can be extremely simple, but still very cute. Bake the cake of your choice. You could make a rectangular sheet cake, or a circular layer cake. Choose the birthday girl’s favourite flavour. Then, frost the cake with pink or purple icing. When you are finished frosting it, pipe “Happy Birthday” onto the cake using a pastry bag or a plastic baggie with a corner snipped off. Then, decorate the cake with items you can find at a bakery or party store. Use ballerina slippers or whole ballerinas made out of sugar. You can also likely find a vertical cake topper that looks like a ballerina.

Forgo a traditional cake and make cupcakes instead. Bake your cupcakes and frost them in a colour that coordinates with the party, whether it is pink, purple or something else. Then, top each cupcake with a small plastic ballerina purchased at a party store. Select a ballerina that is meant to be used with food. Alternatively, frost the cupcakes and then pipe a ballerina form or ballerina shoes onto the cupcake.

You may also consult with a professional baker to have a cake in the likeness of a ballerina for your daughter’s birthday celebration. Request that the professional use textured accents after baking the cake in a pan that is the shape of a ballerina dancer, such as tulle around the “waist” of the cake for the dancer’s tutu, or edible sprinkles and jewels to create a tiara for the cake. Fondant with a sparkly or shimmery finish can be used for the ballerina slippers on the cake, and you can ask the baker to personalize the dessert by adding your child’s initial or the words “Happy birthday” in fondant to the ballerina’s torso.

In addition, you can also Bake a layer cake in your daughter’s favourite flavours, and ice the cake in purple, pink or yellow, connecting the two desserts with a layer of icing. You can also cover the cakes in fondant after they’ve cooled. Purchase small ballerina dolls from a baking supply or craft store to adorn the cake with, for example, a ballerina sitting and tying her slippers or extending her leg gracefully, and position the dolls all around the border of the top cake. Additional candy accents in the likeness of ballet slippers, tiaras and tutus along the sides of the cake will bring the theme together. Let your little girl ice the cake with you or choose the edible decorations to adorn the dessert before presenting the cake to guests.

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