Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

Buzz Lightyear is a famous cartoon character in the Toy Story and children nowadays love this adventurous character. There are many different Buzz Lightyear birthday cake which you may adapt for a child’s birthday party such as the Buzz Lightyear concept cake, and Buzz Lightyear cupcake.

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

The animated children’s feature film “Toy Story” has three installments, with the latest Toy Story released in June 2010. Buzz Lightyear, a toy astronaut, is one of Toy Story’s main characters. In each of the three Toy Story movies Buzz sports a white astronaut suit, complete with a clear bubble helmet and green-trimmed space boots. If Buzz Lightyear is your child’s favorite Toy Story character consider making a Buzz Lightyear-inspired cake to celebrate a special occasion.

Buzz Lightyear Cakes Ideas

Create a cake that resembles Buzz Lightyear. There are several Buzz Lightyear cake pans available for sale online or in craft stores. Follow the directions on the cake pan to bake a replica of the spaceman. Use purple, green, red and white icing to fill in the details on the cake. Cover a baking tray with space-inspired wrapping paper and then place the cake onto the baking tray. Alternatively, cover the baking tray with construction paper, place the cake on the sheet and then allow your Buzz Lightyear fan to color a space theme around the cake.

Buzz Lightyear Cupcakes

You can also take an interactive approach to the Buzz Lightyear cake concept by creating a rocket-inspired cake, and then sending your child on a scavenger hunt to locate a Buzz Lightyear toy. After your child has located the toy he can reunite Buzz with his spaceship. Start by baking a sheet cake. Pipe a spaceship onto the cake or cut the cake into a spaceship shape. Decorate the cake accordingly. Cut a few strips of paper and write clues on them that will lead your child to the Buzz Lightyear toy.

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cakes

Create a cake that includes the same number of stars as your child’s birthday. Have the child or children at the birthday party count down the stars before blowing out the candle. Start by baking a sheet cake. Pipe a Buzz Lightyear figure onto the cake. Create a moon shape underneath Buzz to give him the appearance of being in space. Add in the number of stars that correspond with your child’s birthday and then place a birthday candle on each star.

Buzz Lightyear Cake

Cupcake rings make cupcake decorating simple, fast and fun and give the kids a little something to take home once they’ve eaten their sweet treat. Use only Buzz Lightyear rings on top of blue-iced cupcakes, or incorporate Woody, as well. Either way, kids are sure to love the personal cupcakes. One idea is to use Woody rings with one flavor, such as white cake, and Buzz with another, such as chocolate. That way, each kid gets a ring and her favorite type of cake. If you do it this way, be sure to have extra rings available as some kids might prefer white cake but want the Buzz rings more than the Woody ones.

Toy Story Birthday Cakes

Buzz Lightyear Cakes

If you’re a skilled decorator with a lot of time on your hands, draw a picture of Buzz Lightyear onto each cupcake. While this is incredibly time-consuming because of the amount of detail, another option is to purchase candies wrapped in Buzz Lightyear foil and add one to the top of a blue or green cupcake. The kids get to enjoy the cupcake, a little chocolate treat for later and the decorating is easy for you. Another idea is to write Buzz’s catchphrase on the cupcakes, “To infinity and beyond”.

Toy Story Birthday Cake

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