Elmo Birthday Cakes

There are various Elmo birthday cakes designs and patterns and you can even make this kind of cake using your own creativity and imagination. Some great examples of Elmo birthday cakes include the Elmo shaped cake, Elmo picture cake, Elmo cupcakes, as well as the Elmo multitier cake.

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Elmo is a very popular children’s character, making Elmo birthday cakes the perfect centrepiece for most children’s parties. Since Elmo is a licensed character, it is best to make an Elmo cake yourself. Bakeries must be licensed to sell his likeness – you can simply buy Elmo cake decorations.

Elmo Birthday Cake Ideas

You can easily make a cake in the shape of Elmo’s entire body or just his face. To make the cake, use an Elmo shaped cake pan and decorate the cake using a pastry bag, star icing tip and red fluffy icing. Add a little bit of coconut to the icing to make the icing look a little bit more like fur. To make an Elmo face shaped cake without the cake pan, prepare a regular cake and place a large picture on top. Cut around the picture with a serrated knife and decorate the cake with the red coconut icing. Use white icing for the eyes and black icing for his mouth and pupils.

Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo picture cake is another option. Make a rectangular 2-layer cake with a starring picture of Elmo. Prepare the cake and then cover it with a layer of icing in the child’s favourite colour. Place a piece of waxed paper over top of a large picture of Elmo. Use red icing and a pastry bag with a round icing tip to trace the outline of Elmo onto the waxed paper. Place the paper on the cake with the icing facing downward to leave an icing imprint. Remove the paper, fill in the icing stencil with red icing and add facial features with other icing.

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Elmo has perfectly round, googly eyes that you can duplicate in a number of ways. Pick white Necco wafers from the tube packages and add bits of black liquorice for the pupils. Find small wafers of white chocolate that are designed for chocolate moulding and use them with black frosting pupils. If your party guests are slightly older and you trust them not to eat the decorations, use plastic googly eyes from a craft store.

Elmo Birthday Cakes

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Elmo cake pans can be purchased at party stores and big box stores such as Walmart and Target. An Elmo cake pan bakes the perfect-shaped cake of Elmo. These pans come in two sizes. The first is just a pan of Elmo’s face. The second is a full body cake pan of Elmo. The pan also comes with step-by-step instructions on how to decorate Elmo, giving you the exact food colour dyes needed and the cake-decorating tips you will need to use.

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You can also make a two or three tier birthday cake decorated with an Elmo or Sesame Street scene. For an outdoor scene, cover the bottom tier in a layer of smooth, green butter cream icing. Cover the second tier with a layer of smooth, blue butter cream icing. Add fondant cut-outs in the shapes of trees, bushes, clouds and even a swing set. For the Sesame Street scene, add fondant or plastic figurines of characters from the show throughout the two layers. For an Elmo scene, add extra fondant decorations, such as animals and children. Top either type of cake with a large Elmo figurine.

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