Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Dinosaur birthday cake is perhaps one of the most fascinating ideas for a birthday cake which can certainly attract attentions of not only kids but adults as well. There are various types of dinosaur cake and you may also make use of your own creativity to create a unique and prominent cake for the next birthday party.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

When hosting a dinosaur-themed birthday party or event, a cake is certainly needed. Dinosaur cakes can be as simple as a decorated sheet cake that looks like a dinosaur or even a 3-D cake that looks as though the dinosaur is coming to life. Whether you are an expert baker or a first-time cake maker, each of these ideas can be completed at home with just a little skill.

Most pictures of dinosaurs appear to have a volcano or some sort of background of prehistoric times. Rather than shaping the cake like a dinosaur, create the prehistoric site where a dinosaur would be found. This can be done with a cone-shaped cake decorated like a volcano set on top of a sheet cake or with a sheet cake decorated to look like dirt by using crushed cookies or graham crackers with chocolate frosting. When creating a volcano cake, use red piping gel, strawberry jam or coloured red butter cream for lava. Use plastic cake topper palm trees and plastic dinosaurs purchased from your local craft store or cake decorating store and place them on top of the cake or around the volcano. Try to purchase plastic pieces that are proportionate to each other so that your dinosaurs are not smaller than trees or larger than the overall cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas

Just because the party is about dinosaurs does not mean the cake has to look like a full dinosaur. Add some excavation fun to your birthday cake by making a dinosaur dig cake instead. This fun cake can be created from a pre-made sheet cake from your local store or from a sheet cake baked at home. Top the cake off with chocolate frosting and crushed chocolate cookies. Using a dinosaur bone template, trace bones out of fondant or sugar cookie dough that has been baked. Top the cake with your bones and you have a dinosaur skeleton that looks like it was dug up by excavators in a real dig.

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes For Kids

The easiest way to make a dinosaur cake for a dinosaur-themed birthday party is by using simple toys to decorate. Bake a basic rectangular cake and frost it to make the top look like a lush green jungle. Blue frosting down the middle of the cake makes for a great primeval river, and a modified cupcake frosted with brown and red icing looks like a volcano. Top the cake off with inexpensive plastic dinosaurs and trees, and you have a vivid Cretaceous landscape.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Another dinosaur design option can be inspired by a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter. Bake a simple rectangular cake and use a small baker’s knife to cut the cake into the same shape as the cookie cutter. The best way to do this is to lightly cut a line into the top of the cake in the same shape as the cutter. Once an acceptable shape has been cut into the top, push the knife in deeper to eliminate the unneeded pieces. Frost the cake in your favourite colour. Green is a traditional colour for a dinosaur, but you can use whatever colour you’d like. Add scales and other texture to the dinosaur’s body by placing candy in the icing. Candy orange wedges, M&M Minis, and Now-and-Later work well.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake 1

A more elaborate design for a dinosaur cake looks like an actual dinosaur sitting on the serving plate. Begin by baking two 9-inch round cakes, then cut one of them in half. Set the two half-circle pieces side by side with the cut sides down. This forms the humping back of the dinosaur. Cut the shapes for the head and legs out of the second circular cake. Use a simple white frosting and toothpicks to hold the pieces in place. Once the body is set up how you like it, frost the cake in your favourite dinosaur colour. Once again, a green icing will make a traditional dinosaur, but you can use whatever colour you’d like. Once the body is complete, feel free to add finishing touches. Candy corn makes excellent tail spikes, and chocolate chips can serve as dinosaur eyes. A little bit of roasted coconut spread around the serving plate under the cake makes it look like the dinosaur is sitting on the ground.

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