Mini Birthday Cake

Mini birthday cake is rather unique in celebrating a birthday because of its unusualness than normal birthday cake. Various designs and patterns are available for selection and you may also make use of your own creativity in creating a unique and attractive mini birthday cake.

Birthday Cake Mini

Mini cakes add a whimsical touch to any celebration. Different than a usual cupcake, these individual servings of cake have lots of character. You can decorate them to fit any design, theme or celebration. While miniature cake pans are available, mini cakes are just as easy to make without a specialty pan. You can make them in any shape you want. Tiered mini cakes add another layer of fun to the dessert. The guests at the event will feel special when they see their own individual mini cakes.

Birthday Mini Cake

Bake your favourite cake batter in a sheet cake pan. The size of the pan depends on how many miniature cakes you need. Let the cake cool completely. Select the shape you want for your mini
cakes. Round and square cakes are the most common. Purchase a cookie cutter that matches the desired shape. A biscuit cutter with a handle works well for round cakes because it has higher walls, allowing you to cut deeper cakes with it.

Birthday Mini Cakes

Capture sweet elegance at your next party with three-tier mini-cakes as dessert. Mini-cakes are classier than cupcakes yet still provide the convenience of individual servings. Each mini cake is about 3 inches tall and adorable for events like a birthday girl’s tea party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or a dinner party. Making three-tier mini-cakes is especially easy with the right pan–one that features six cups in the shape of the three tiers. Once you’ve baked the cakes and let them cool, you can decorate them to fit the theme of the event.

Mini Birthday Cake Ideas

For a garden tea party, whether it’s for women or little girls, present each guest with a lovely little edible token of your garden’s glory. Frost each mini-cake with a sunny yellow buttercream, then pipe on a trail of green frosting leaves and vines wrapping around each small layer. At the top, place an edible sugared flower from your own garden. The most common edible flowers are pansies, violets and apple blossoms. Make the sugared flowers in advance, then store them until it’s time to top the tiered cake.

Mini Birthday Cake

Mini Cakes

For a light-hearted approach to summer desserts, consider serving a tray full of three-tier mini-cakes with fruit fillings. Before baking the cakes, drop a spoonful of different fruit preserve, such as strawberry preserves, apple jelly or even a maraschino cherry, into each cup. When the cakes are ready to frost, tint the buttercream frosting to match the insides: green for apple, pink for strawberry, yellow for lemon, blue for blueberry, and so forth. Guests will love the colourful display and appreciate the hint about the hidden delights inside.

Mini Car Birthday Cakes

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