My Little Pony Cake Ideas

With the recent reemergence of fads from the 1980’s and growing popularity of the decade’s trends, younger generations have been introduced to classic retro cartoons, including one of my personal favorites: My Little Pony! Since a new era of animated pony fans has emerged, the demand for My Little Pony cake decorations has increased tremendously.


My Little Pony is a popular entertainment franchise aimed mostly at young girls. Originally a toy line featuring ponies with colorful bodies, manes as well as unique symbols known as cutie marks, the small figurines became so popular that it led to the development of several animated specials, 4 animated television series and an animated film.



The cakes inspired by these series are well known for their brightly colorful appearance. They usually feature nicely made rainbows and clouds, stars, colorful ponies, heart symbols, castles, small trees and bushes, as well as beautiful flowers and butterflies. Sometimes the cake can also be made in the shape of a merry go round. The cake can be circular or rectangle, with a single tier or two or three tiers.


This absolutely precious My Little Pony ruffle cake created by the amazing Blissfully Sweet was designed entirely by the recipient to celebrate her fifth birthday! The tall cake is covered in an array of ruffled fondant colors and dons a star with the birthday girl’s age on the front.


The meticulously modeled fondant ponies top the beautiful cake, adding magic to the presentation. Add your pony in the middle of the cake securing it’s feet in a little buttercream.


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