Camo Birthday Cakes

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cakes

Make a birthday cake with a different theme is also quite easy, you only need to pay attention to activities that they like, say their jobs, their hobbies, and their passion. Then you start thinking of a theme that is suitable for them. For example, your family likes fishing, hunting, and or engaging in military activities. So, the suitable birthday cake for them are Camo Birthday Cake Designs.

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cake Decors

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cake Designs

Cake Flavors
First consider the flavor and look of the cake base. For example, for a camouflage cake, you can make a marble cake. To do this, make two batches of plain sponge cake batter; flavor one batch with cocoa and the other with vanilla. Swirl the two flavors together in the cake tin. For a really dramatic effect, put in a few drop of green coloring in the vanilla cake. For a hunting cake, use chocolate to resemble the soil, or color the base according to your theme. Alternatively, you can make the cake in any flavor as it will not really take shape until you decorate it.

Camo Birthday Cake for Girls

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cake for Mens

After you have made your cake base, let it cool. For camouflage icing (frosting), get a block of marzipan or sugar icing and divide it into three pieces. Use gel food coloring since it will not change the consistency of the marzipan as liquid color sometimes does. Knead the color into the marzipan. Color one piece with green gel food coloring, one with brown gel and one with a small amount of both green and brown food coloring. Press the lumps of icing back together and roll out the new mixture. Alternatively, for a hunting theme, you can first cover the base in a muted color such as plain white or brown.

Camo Birthday Cake IdeasCamo Birthday Cake Ideas

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cake Image

Camouflage Decorations
After you have covered the cake with the camouflage icing, you can decorate it. Make a sugar lattice to use as a net to “throw” over the cake. Heat brown sugar with a small amount of water until it melts; add a drop of brown food coloring. With a wooden spoon, zigzag the sugar syrup over the cake in a net pattern. Create “ropes” by rolling brown marzipan icing into long worm-like shapes with the palm of your hand; then plait them together. Coil the ropes on the sides of the cake.

Camo Birthday CakesCamo Birthday Cake Photo

Camo Birthday Cake Pics

Hunting Decorations
Decorate a hunting cake with leaves and animals. Make leaves by coloring some marzipan, using green gel food coloring. Roll the marzipan out on a flat surface. Pick some leaves from your garden, wash them and press them onto the marzipan so they make an imprint. Cut around the leaves and place them on the cake. Make animals out of marzipan to sit on the cake. Roll out a small amount of icing; cut around an animal head’s outline. Carefully color the animal shape with a paintbrush and liquid food coloring before placing it strategically on your cake.

Camo Birthday CakesFall Camo Birthday Cake

Camo Birthday CakesSpecialty Army Tank Camo Birthday Cake

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