Tangled Birthday Cake Ideas

Tangled Birthday CakesTangled Birthday Cake

This Spring, all my daughter talked about was Tangled! So, as her birthday approached, we knew it would have a Tangled theme. Disney’s Tangled is very popular with little girls. Disney Tangled is so popular that you can throw a Disney Tangled Theme birthday party for your daughter. Disney’s Tangled Rapunzel Movie is currently a popular theme for kids’ birthday parties. It’s easy to add a few Tangled accessories to your homemade cake.

Tangled Birthday CakesRapunzel Tangled Tower Birthday Cake Design

Tangled Birthday CakesTangled Birthday Cake

There are many different types to make, you can make Rapunzel with the long flowing hair or create the Rapunzel tower and buy a doll to put on the cake.  If you are not very creative you can either order a Rapunzel themed cake from your local cake makers or buy some toppers to go on the cake

Tangled Birthday CakesTangled Birthday Cake Ideas

Tangled Birthday CakesTangled Birthday Cake Pics

There are plenty of ideas to add onto a Rapunzel themed cake, If you are not very confident with cake decorating, start with a plain cake, then you can decorate the cake with toppers and ready made iced decorations (available from all good food shops!)

Tangled Birthday CakesTangled Birthday Cakes

Disney Tangled Table Cover
Don’t forget covering the table with pretty Disney Tangled table cover! The table cover measures 54″x102″, perfect for bringing all your Tangled party supplies together. It is wonderfully decorated with a floral pattern printed in the center and princess Rapunzel casting a spell printed around the edges. It is easy to clean because the table cover is plastic.

Tangled Birthday Cakes for GirlsTangled Birthday Cakes for Girls

Tangled Invitation and Decorations
The invitation says it all, the what, where, when of the event and of course, the Rapunzel theme. But surprise everyone with a full-blown fairy tale atmosphere with lovely banners and decorations. You can choose from tons of ready-made decorations offered online: Tangled banner, life-size cut out, crepe paper streamer set and curling ribbon set.

Tangled Birthday Cakes RapunzelTangled Birthday Cakes Rapunzel

Disney Tangled Balloons
A Princess Rapunzel themed party is not complete without balloons. Tangled foil balloons and latex balloons can be ordered online as well. Transform the venue into a magical place by covering the floor with latex balloons and have more balloons floating in the air. Each latex balloon package is consists of 15 balloons.

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