Spongebob Birthday Cake

Spongebob birthday cake is quite unique for children’s birthday and you can take the steps specified to make one.

Cakes are for all occasions. However, cakes are more special when decorated and formed into cute designs and are given during a child’s birthday party. There are many ways in which you can design your little kid’s birthday cake, but if you kid happens to like Spongebob Squarepants like most of today’s kids, make him/her a Spongebob cake.

SpongeBob Cupcakes with SpongeBob birthday cake would be a real delight to any child and their friends. There are a number of attractive SpongeBob Cupcake accessories available out there that can add a value to any SpongeBob-themed birthday party.

You can take these steps into making one Spongebob birthday cake. Take a toothpick or knife and gently outline the features of Spongebob’s face. Circles for the eyes, and his mouth, teeth, and tongue. Mark the spots where you want his shirt, and then pants to start, and trace the outline of his tie.

You will need to mix several colors of icing. Start with yellow, which you will need the most of for your Spongebob cake. There was a lot of guesstimating when making my frosting, so I can’t give you exact amounts. Take one of the cans of white frosting and mix in yellow food coloring until you achieve the desired color of yellow. Note that the colors of the frosting will darken after sitting for a few hours, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t get the deep yellow color that you are looking for without making the frosting too thin.

Frost the entire cake, with the exception of the shirt, pants, eyes and mouth with yellow frosting. Outline the eyes, mouth, nose, pants, and tie with the black frosting.

Mix a small amount of white frosting with blue food coloring for Spongebob’s eyes. Fill in the whites of his eyes with the white frosting, and the blue part of his eye with the blue frosting.
Mix red food coloring with enough white frosting to do the background of Spongebob’s mouth, until you get a dark pink color.

Add redder coloring to white frosting to fill in Spongebob’s tongue and tie. It’s hard to get a true red color with food coloring, but you can get pretty close. If you want a truer red, consider using previously mixed red frosting.

Frost the Spongebob’s teeth and shirt with white frosting. Then add all of the colors to the white frosting until you achieve a brown result, and frost Spongebob’s pants (you can also use chocolate frosting for this if you want to). Smear a little bit of the brown frosting in circles around Spongebob’s body to create his holes.

Finish off with using the black for detail work on his shirt and pants.

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