Personalised Birthday Cakes

Personalised birthday cakes have many different types and they are easily available from local shops or through online orders.

Birthdays are a wonderful time for children to look forward to. The look on a child’s face when they are presented with a fantastic birthday cake that reflects something special about their personality is priceless. Choosing what kind of cake that your child would like most from a big selection can be a lot of fun. Shaped cakes are a good choice, and then there are edible images of their favorite character. In the age of the Internet, you can now have any image you choose on a birthday cake.

As many cake shops are going online with websites that offer secure ordering facilities, personalization for celebrations like birthdays is becoming very popular. When ordering a birthday cake online, the choices can be potentially endless. There is of course the age old inscription “Happy Birthday” or some variation with the birthday boy or girl’s name written in icing. Many professionally made birthday cakes can be made in various shapes, where some are quite complicated and intricate in detail.

Ordering a birthday cake from a web page offers a new dimension to personalization in the form of image cakes. Image cakes are cakes that have an edible image, say, of your child’s favorite cartoon character printed on top of the cake with a special machine. Where you would normally need to go to the shop’s physical location, browse through a catalogue of images and order it over the counter, from a website all the images can be viewed and one can be selected with your online order any time of the day.

Animated cakes push the boundaries of cake making into what is more a work of art than a cake. It is one of the types of personalized birthday cake. The origins of animated cakes, that is, cakes that have moving parts, can be sourced back to 2007. They were not pioneered by professional baking companies or by a famous artist, in fact they were first created by a Texan couple. Animated birthday cakes are probably the tip of the iceberg when it comes to luxury and personalized birthday cakes. They are hugely popular with children, and any child that sees one will instantly demand they have one for their next birthday.

The simplest form of animated cake has LEDs (light emitting diodes) embedded into parts of it with a lighting control board to make the lights flash on and off, or in a specific sequence. The next level up is implementing some motorized features into the cake. This could come in the form of turning wheels on a car for a children’s cake or a switching motor for a golfers arm.

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