Lion Birthday Cake

Lion birthday cake can have a variety of designs and patterns such as the fondant lion face, 3D lion cake, as well as the Chow Mein Mane. You can also use the animation, Lion King, as your idea in creating the cake.

A creatively designed cake can be a delicious centerpiece for any occasion. A lion cake complements a child’s jungle or zoo-themed party or perhaps someone with the astrological sign of Leo. Create a 3D lion with a cake mold or use drawing skills to pipe on a frosting lion. Elaborate or simple, there is a lion cake to suit your comfort level.

There are many design ideas for a lion birthday cake. One of them is the fondant lion face. Create a lion’s face on a round double-layer cake using frosting and fondant. Begin by frosting the top and sides of the cake yellow. Place a circle of light brown fondant at the center of the cake. Form a triangular-shaped nose at the center of the circle by pushing the fondant in and up. Form lion ears out of the brown fondant, placing them slightly above the face. Pipe strips of frosting from the edge of the face out to the edge of the cake and around the ears, forming the lion’s mane. Use white and black fondant to create eyes, a mouth, the tip of the nose and whiskers.

You can also have a 3D baby’s lion by perching a 3D baby lion atop a round cake for a stunning first birthday cake. Find a 3D bear mold pan and make a cake in it. Pipe the entire cake in yellow stars, and then add orange fondant strips around the face and ears for the mane. After that, you pipe black frosting eyes, nose and mouth. Cover one or two round cakes with frosting or fondant. Place the lion on top.

Decorate a lion’s face on a round cake using chow Mein noodles for the mane and candy for the other features. Start by trimming a 1-by-5-inch slice at an angle from each side of the cake to form the lion’s jawline. Then frost the top and sides of the cake orange. Poke chow Mein noodles all around the sides of the cake to create the mane. At the top center, place the noodles into a widow’s peak shape to form the lion’s forehead. Pipe vanilla frosting circles for the eyes, then place two chocolate mints on top, adding two chow Mein noodles above each eye for brows. Create the nose by microwaving three red fruit chews for a few seconds and molding them into a triangular nose. Finish off by adding two gummy rings for ears, three brown mini candy-coated chocolates on each side for whiskers and a piped-on mouth.

Use a soccer ball cake pan to produce a mound for this lion-faced cake. Frost it smoothly with a light brown frosting, building it up in the center to create a nose. The mane is created with tinted coconut, frosted cookies with marshmallow centers resemble ears, and chocolate nougat candy is rolled flat and shaped into a rectangle for the tip of the nose. Cut and roll marshmallows for the eyes with black frosting for pupils.

Another great idea is to use the animation movie legend – Lion King. With the decent character of the movie makes a lot of people like the movie from young to old. And for the cake-mania the movie inspired to make Lion King Cake for an important moment. There are several ways to make a Lion King cake, and the easiest way is using a lion king and friends character as a toppers of the cake. But if you want to try your skill, make a cake-shaped will be more satisfied.

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