Lightning Mcqueen Birthday Cake

Lightning McQueen birthday cake can have many different designs and patterns and some examples include the radiator spring as well as using the cake pan available in local shop. You can even find a picture of Lightning McQueen and carve the cake based on the picture.

Children love theme birthday parties, and cakes in the shape of their favorite characters add to the excitement. You don’t always have to order a theme cake from a bakery. The do-it-yourselfer can carve a character out of a cake. One popular character is Lightning McQueen, star of the movie “Cars”. There are many different ways to carve and make a Lightning McQueen birthday cake.

Find a picture of Lightning McQueen that you would like to replicate. Choose a simple picture of the car, preferably a view from the side. Practice drawing the basic shape of the race car so you are prepared to outline the image on your cake. Alternatively, you can print the picture in the approximate size of the cake and use it as a template. Then, you bake a half sheet cake on a 12-by-18-inch sheet pan. Yellow cake carves most easily; chocolate and white cakes tend to be more crumbly, so they may be harder to shape. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap once it’s cooled and place it in the refrigerator to chill for at least 2 hours before you begin carving. Cut a paper towel to the exact size of your baked cake. Using a black marker, draw the shape of the car, then cut it out. Alternatively, you can place the paper towel over your printout and trace the shape onto the paper towel.

Carefully place the cutout paper towel or shaped paper on the top of the sheet cake and pin it in place with toothpicks. Cut around the paper towel slowly with a serrated knife and discard the excess cake. Remove the template and toothpicks. Look at the basic shape and compare it to your photo. You may have to soften sides that are circular. Try not to carve off too much cake. Before icing the cake, apply a crumb coat — a thin layer of white icing on the cake, including the sides — to keep crumbs from mixing with the frosting. Place the cake back in the refrigerator for an hour or two before decorating. Put the final layers of icing and decorations on the cake while it is cold.

Besides that, you can also make a different design using your own creativity. One idea is the radiator spring. The town of Radiator Springs is where almost all the action in “Cars” takes place, and there are several portions begging to be crafted from cake, fondant, and marzipan. In the film, protagonist Lightning McQueen rips up the main drag on the way into town with his tires. Make a chocolate sheet cake, and then craft the main drag, Lightning, and the Sheriff out of fondant or marzipan–both mold like modeling clay and can be colored with gel food color. Make the ripped-up bits of road spell out the words “Happy Birthday!” Add the birthday boy’s name, if you like. Luigi’s service station Casa Della Tires is another memorable part of town. Recreate Luigi’s famous Leaning Tower of Tires out of dark chocolate donuts so that the cake is completely edible. Luigi, his friend Guido, and anyone else you want to place on the cake can be crafted of fondant or marzipan.

Wilton, manufacturers of a lot of cake-making and decorating accessories, has produced a Disney-licensed Lightning McQueen cake pan, designed to look like the star of “Cars.” Check your favorite local cake supplies shop to see if they have or can order this pan for you. Major national retailers such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry Wilton products, and you can also order online from Amazon or from Wilton’s own website. Simply decorate the cake to look like Lightning McQueen, or incorporate this cake into a larger design. You can also try your hand at carving a cake and decorating it to look like Lightning McQueen without the special pan, but be aware that you will probably need to try more than once if you have not carved cake before.

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