Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

There are countless of kids’ birthday cake ideas out there and it is easily available. The ideas are endless and it all depends on your creativity and imagination. Some examples of birthday cake ideas include cartoon cake, doll cake, race car cake, fondant cake, themed cake, toy design cake, fairies cake, and the whacky cake.

When you talk about birthdays, they cannot be replete without birthday cakes. It is almost as if cake is a synonym for birthdays! Now if you disagree, try and imagine a birthday party without a cake. You would almost find that to be impossible. Cakes in themselves are so mouth-watering, and if we are talking about kid’s birthday cakes, it cannot get yummier than that! There is a gamut of interesting and attractive options in birthday cakes for kids. There are just too many ideas for a kid’s birthday cake and it all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Cartoons are the most attractive things for kids. So for a hit birthday cake, a cartoon character, mickey, Donald Duck, maybe some Pokémon characters, power puff girls and innumerable others. These days the kids are totally hooked onto these cartoon characters and so this is a good idea for a birthday cake for kids. These cakes are one of the must items for kids’ birthday parties.

Almost all young girls love dolls. Surprisingly even some older ones do. It is not surprising therefore to discover that doll cakes are very popular with girls. Use a metallic, oven-safe bowl for baking the cake. Allow the cake to cool down sufficiently before placing it on a cake board that you have prepared for this. Place the cake at the center of the board such that the widest part of the cake is on the cake.

Using a butter knife create a hollow spot in the top of the cake where you will insert the doll’s legs. The cake will form part of the doll’s dress. Insert a clean undressed doll in the cake after wrapping its legs in a plastic wrap. Insert the doll up to the waist line. Now ice the cake and the doll creating the impression of a fully dressed doll. In case you are interested you can buy accents in supermarkets to add more jazz to the dress.

While girls are interested, boys are fascinated by racing cars. Start off by baking two cakes. The first one should be in the form of a loaf. The second one should be in a rectangular pan. Remove the cakes from the pans after ensuring that they have completely cooled down. The loaf is supposed to look like a car. To achieve this, cut it in an arch – to look like the top of a car. Frost the sheet cake and then place the loaf cake on it. The cut loaf cake should be centered on the sheet cake.

Apply a different icing color on the car (loaf cake). Popular colors for racing cars are red and blue. You can also apply more decorations on the car. These are available from local stores or supermarkets. You can use icing of a different color to outline the doors and windows on the car. Alternatively you can use string licorice for this. The final part is the tires. Use chocolate doughnuts for the tires. There you have it. A little boy would be thrilled.

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