Star Themed Birthday Cakes

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There are many bakeries that can make birthday cakes in Star, Idaho of all different shapes and designs that can help make your birthday party unforgettable. Browse through our list of vendors to find a cake shop that will fulfill all of your birthday cake needs from kids birthday cakes like princess cakes to cookies cakes and novelty cakes.


However, you can diy the cake yourself. To make a star candy cake you’ll need: frosted cake, fruit chew candies, rolling pin, cookie cutters, and a cutting board. Microwave 5 chews at a time for 5 seconds only. Knead the fruit chews together with your hands. Roll fruit chews into a thin sheet with rolling pin. Use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. Apply candy cutouts to the frosted cake.



In order to make Shooting Stars for Cakes made from Fondant Icing, you will need the following ingredients and supplies: fondant cookie cutters, wire cutters, gumpaste, a pastry brush, icing spatula, glue, a paint brush, a fondant rolling pin, icing or powdered sugar, floral wire, and a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.


Cut floral wire with wire cutters. Dust your working surface with powdered sugar and roll out the gumpaste with the rolling pin. Roll it out to 1/8 thickness. Cut out stars with your cookie cutter. Apply glue to the tip of the wire. Insert the wire into the stars. You must use them to decorate your cake. Do not insert the wires directly into the cake. You need to coat or cover them in something first.


A birthday cake in Star is the perfect addition to a party. Many bakeries in the area are able to deliver the cake to the venue where the event is being held. Coordinate with the bakers about delivery time and place, and other important information about your event and birthday cake that they may need to know.

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