Castle Birthday Cake

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There are varieties types of castle birthday cake which you can make or purchase for a birthday party especially party with princess theme. There are also different ways of decorating a castle cake such as using plastic figuring or toppers, or even a multi-tiered cake.

Making a princess castle cake can be a great addition to any child’s birthday celebration. It can be as simple or as complex as your skill level and imagination make possible. Generally speaking, the colors used to decorate a princess castle cake are pastels. Because of this white cake icing is a preferred type of icing. It is good as an adhesive and holds color well.

A simple decoration idea is to ice your cake and add plastic figurines to it. There are a variety of plastic cake decorations available at baking supply stores. You should plan out how you want to arrange the figurines in advance and ice the cake in matching or complimentary colors. As an alternative, you can purchase a toy castle intended as a gift and put that on the cake. Another alternative is to purchase a toy castle and make a princess cake to go with it. Make a dome shaped cake for a dress and insert a plastic doll torso into the top.

A more challenging cake is a square cake with turrets made out of cupcakes and waffle cones. Make the towers slightly higher than the cake. This cake can be one layer thick or you can make a square layer cake for the base and use a round layer cake on the top for the castle. If you make a two-layer cake, the bottom can be iced in a garden theme, with piped flowers and animal and people figurines.

If you are an experienced cake maker, you can make multi-tiered cakes and give each level a different princess theme. Some theme possibilities are evil queens, dragons and heroes. Your cake can present one theme or multiple themes. Rolled fondant offers many decorating possibilities for this cake. You can make many decorative elements out of it. You could also purchase a multi-level stand and make individual cupcakes, each with a miniature doll in it and the cupcake decorated as her dress. Some of the cupcakes can be created with some of the themes given above.

If you need a step by step guide to creating a castle birthday cake, you can find the source for this very easily through the Internet or buy a recipe book from the local bookstore. Here is an example of step by step guide in creating a castle birthday cake.

First, you will need to cut one of the 8-inch square cakes into four equal pieces. Stack the other 4 cakes, whole, on top of one another. Center a stack of 3 of the cut, smaller pieces on top of the stacked whole cakes. Sprinkle colored sugar on the sugar cones and place them, upside-down, on top of the four corners of the larger part of the castle. Put the last cone on the very top of the stack of smaller cakes. Cover the whole castle and cones with white icing, reserving some of the icing to create details in your castle. Dye the remaining icing with food coloring in colors you’d like to use to create a door, windows and other details of your castle. Put the icing in a pastry bag and use your imagination to make the cake special for your child. Then, make flags out of the colored paper, tape each to a toothpick and insert on top of the inverted cones for a regal look. Finally you can decorate around the castle with colorful candies of any type. Use your imagination and make a beautiful and festive cake that’s sure to wow your guests as well as your child.

There are many different types of castle birthday cake as well as ways of creating one. Making a castle birthday cake is not as difficult as you may think of. You need the right materials as well as some practices in doing it.

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