Teddy Bear Themed Cake Ideas

Posted in Children Birthday Cakes, Cupcake Birthday Cakes on November 4th, 2015 by Editor

Celebrating your child’s first birthday is a special and fun occasion. Making a bear cake for your child’s birthday is easier than you’d think. With some ideas, you, too can make an adorably sweet dessert for your child’s party.


Make a Vintage Style Teddy Bear Cake. The fur is created using a dresden tool, giving the bear a longer haired look rather than a fuzzy finish. The limbs differ in shape and size, the feet and paws particularly are longer than on a modern bear. The size and shape of the muzzle is more pronounced and we include additional stitch markings.


To make teddy bear cupcakes, start by fitting a piping bag with a small star tip and fill with chocolate icing. Working from the outside in, pipe little stars all over top of cupcake. Stick two brown M&Ms on top edge of cupcake for ears. Use a dab of icing to attach a pink heart sprinkle to the top of a white-chocolate button candy. Using a black food colouring pen, draw a mouth under the heart. Place white button candy on cupcake. Cut a black licorice pellet in half. Place above white button for eyes.


You may also make Paddington bear cake. Paddington simply wouldn’t be Paddington without his little duffle coat, briefcase and of course his marmalade sandwiches. His tatty, battered hat actually varies in colour depending on which era of Paddington Bear you are making, here he wears a black hat but you will also see him  wearing a yellow or red hat. His little label reads, ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you’.