Chinese Birthday Cake

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Chinese birthday cake is a must-have in a Chinese birthday party. There are a lot of different design styles and patterns for a Chinese birthday cake. Some examples include the dragon-pattern cake, phoenix-pattern cake, cherry blossoms theme, as well as the red-themed cake.

Chinese Birthday Traditions – When a Chinese child turns one year old, it is a very important event. The parents might tell the baby’s fortune by placing the baby in the center of a group of objects (such as coins, a doll, a book, etc.) and they wait to see which object the baby picks up. If the baby picked up a coin, he/she may be rich, if the baby reached for a book he/she may become a teacher, if the baby reached for the doll he/she may have many children, etc. Chinese birthday cake must be present in this occasion.

In Chinese culture, the color red usually means good luck. Gold signifies wealth and happiness. These two colors are often paired together within the Chinese culture because of the positive effects they are said to bring. When decorating a cake, make the outside red with gold accents. You can add in traditional or modern touches such as Asian symbols for good luck and fortune or a Chinese takeout box.

Dragons are a strong cultural symbol for the Chinese. In fact, many consider themselves to be descendants of the dragon. As such, Chinese-themed cakes often feature dragons. Cascade a dragon down the length of the cake if it is more than one tier. If it is a sheet cake, go across the width. You can make the dragon scary, realistic, happy or cartoonish.

The phoenix is one of four mythological creatures in Chinese culture, but perhaps the most well-known aside from the dragon. The phoenix makes a beautiful decoration for a cake. It also has appeared throughout history in many different colors, so you have a little creative licensing available here. The phoenix is a symbol for justice and graciousness, so keep that in mind when placing it on a cake.

Like the phoenix, cherry blossoms are a delicate symbol within Chinese culture. The bloom often symbolizes love and femininity, so this is an ideal decoration for a wedding or woman’s birthday cake. A cherry blossom can be drawn in the length of a cake, much like the dragon, and dangle off the side. Smaller cherry blossoms can be drawn on cakes with less room. They’re very versatile as a decoration because they can be as long and wide as you want them.

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