Diego Birthday Cake

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Diego birthday cake is one of the most popular types of kids’ birthday cake nowadays. Some of the designs and patterns of this kind of cake include the character-based design, cupcake design, Diego image design, as well as the toy-topping design.

Diego Birthday Cakes

Diego is a popular little guy who teaches young children how to speak Spanish, while leading them on various adventures. Because of his popularity as a television character, Diego is also a popular choice for a birthday party theme. There are tons of ideas for decorating your Diego birthday party space, as well as the birthday cake, so you can surprise your child with an extra special treat for his big day.

Go Diego Birthday Cake

Character pans add the character to the theme of the party easily and can be decorated at home following the directions accompanying the pan. Bake your choice of cake in the pan and let it cool completely. Slice the cake in half and fill it with fillings or frosting if desired. Fill a piping bag with colored frosting, following the image accompanying the cake pan. Decorate the cake with different frosting colors that you can buy in tubes. You’ll also need to buy a star-shaped decorating tip. Attach the star tip to the screw top of the frosting and gently squeeze out the frosting to make a simple star. Fill the entire cake with stars, following the shape of the cake.

Go Diego Go Birthday Cake Ideas

You can also create Diego’s oasis for the top of your cake, which can be either round or rectangular, such as a 9-by-13-inch cake. You’ll need several colors of frosting, such as green, blue, brown, tan, yellow and orange. One of the things you’ll design on the cake is a stream, which can go across the cake or stay off to one side. Use frosting to create palm trees or opt for little plastic palm trees from a party store. Set a little figure of Diego amid the oasis.

Diego Birthday Cake

Cupcakes are an ever more popular alternative to cake for large groups. Buy printed, edible Diego forms that you can transfer to each cupcake, then arrange them all together on a tray. This option gives every child a “piece of cake” with a complete Diego face on it, so there won’t be any squabbling at cake time over who gets the piece with part of the face on it.

Go Diego Go Birthday Cake

Go Diego Go toys are widely available and the smaller ones can be used as part of cake decoration. Since Diego is an animal rescuer in the rain forest, decorate the cake with green and brown frosting, representing hills and trees. Place a small Diego figurine and any toy animals you have on the cake at different positions. Instead of piping trees and leaves with frosting, place plastic trees on the cake to give a more realistic look if you prefer.

Go Diego Go Birthday Cakes

Draw a Diego picture on a cake to give it a themed look. Find a Diego coloring image that you like and use that as a reference to draw the image on the cake. Use a toothpick to first draw the image on the frosted cake, and then pipe the outline in black frosting. Fill the remaining parts of the drawing with colored frosting and finish the cake by piping borders on the perimeter of the cake and on the cake board for a more complete look.

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