Birthday Flower Cake

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Flower cake is a good one especially for those flower lovers. There are many different birthday flower cake for your choices or you can even create one yourself using your own creativity. Some creative designs include the pollen design, flower frosting design, real flower design, as well as the flower tier design.

Birthday Cakes With Flowers

Decorating a cake is a task which requires technique. Even the simplest cakes are covered in a thin layer of frosting with words added to the middle or a border around the edges. One option for a cake decoration is the use of flowers, which are appropriate for weddings, birthdays or summer occasions.

Flower Birthday Cakes

Making flowers requires the use of a bag of frosting in a preferred color and an appropriate tip for the bag. The best tips for the petal formation are those labeled as “petal decorating tips,” which have a flat shape with one side slightly smaller than the other and the opposite side rounded. These form delicate and realistic flower petals when the bag of frosting is held at a 45-degree angle with the narrow side away from the wax paper and the wide side toward it. Flowers are formed and dried on wax paper to allow a natural appearance. Squeeze the bag gently while turning the decorating tip out and back to shape a flower.

Birthday Cake With Flowers

The center of the flower is relatively simple in decorating. The center requires a bag of frosting and a simple round tip. The size differs, depending on the size of the flowers and the type. For example; apple blossoms use the smallest possible rounded tip, while a daisy uses a larger tip. Hold the tip at a 90-degree angle at the preferred location for the center of the flower, which is usually in the middle of the petals. Squeeze the bag until a small circle of frosting forms in the middle.

Birthday Flower Cake

Creating a pollen appearance in any flower requires the use of cake sparkles, which are crushed into tiny pieces. Immediately after the center of the flower is added to the flower, dip a dampened finger into the sparkles and gently press into the center to leave behind sparkles and a slightly indented look, which is reminiscent of pollen in flowers like daisies.

Birthday Flower Cakes

Fresh flowers are a beautiful and sophisticated alternative to the traditional figurine topper on a tiered wedding cake, a single-layer birthday cake, or even a large-party sheet cake. When using fresh flowers on a wedding cake, place the flowers at the last moment possible before the reception or party to ensure the flowers stay fresh and crisp by the time the cake is cut.

Flower Birthday Cake

A crawling vine is a type of flower that appears to creep up and around the cake, encircling it from the bottom and eventually to the crown. Vines can be made by attaching flower after flower in a vine pattern up the side of the cake, or by using an actual vine flower or vine plant with flowers adhered to it. There can be multiple vines covering the cake beginning at different starting points.

Flowers Birthday Cake

A flower tier is when each tier of cake is covered in an entire row of large fresh flowers to give the appearance of alternating cake and flour tiers in the cake. A spaced cake stand is required to make separate flower tiers. A spaced cake stand leaves open air in between each tier. Large flowers, roses, carnations or lilies are then placed on top of each tier to fill the open space and give the illusion of one solid cake.

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