Easy Birthday Cakes

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When celebrating birthdays, birthday cakes are a must. There are many different ways to obtain a birthday cake. You can either purchase or make one yourselves. Making it is easier than you may think and you can choose the styles and patterns that suit the birthday. Some examples of these easy birthday cakes include a sport cake, flower cake, balloon cake, dot cake as well as the cupcakes.

Making a birthday cake is easier than you think and makes a wonderful birthday gift for a loved one. You don’t need to be a big time baker or have any special skills to make a beautiful delicious birthday cake.

There are many different types of birthday cakes which you can make for your child’s next birthday. A sports cake is easy to make for anyone who wants to make their own cake, but doesn’t want to bake something difficult. Buy a box cake mix and bake it per the directions, but pour the batter in a round cake pan. To make a baseball, wait for the cake to cool and then ice it with white icing. Use red icing to pipe on baseball seams. If you are making a basketball, use orange icing and then black for the lines. Simply bake a round cake and then ice it accordingly, to create the edible sports equipment of your choice. If you want to do something that has an odd shape, bake a sheet cake and then cut it into the shapes that you want.

Flower cakes are great, easy birthday cakes for a girl. Make a basic sheet cake, then ice it all one color such as light blue, yellow or another light background color. Then, bake a second sheet cake that you can cut into a center, petals, stem and leaves. Place the pieces on top of the sheet cake, and ice separately for a 2 dimensional cake. Choose the birthday person’s favorite icing colors.

A balloon cake is an easy birthday cake to make. First, make cupcakes and make a sheet cake, too. Create balloons for the cake by cutting the tops off the cupcakes and frosting them in a variety of colors. Ice the sheet cake a different color. Place the cupcake tops on the cake in a cluster to create a balloon bouquet. Then use licorice to make the strings for the balloons. It is festive and tasty.

Dot cakes are very basic birthday cakes that look wonderful; they are fun and tasty, too! An easy option involves making a round or square cake, icing it in a light color, and then using a variety of M&M’s so you have a variety of colors and shapes. Then create lines of the same colors, with different shapes, spacing them out to create a dot pattern that looks and tastes great!

Cupcakes are great and easy to make as well. There are also suitable for all kinds of occasion. What little girl does not love princess crowns? They are easy to make with cupcakes. Frost the cupcakes in a color she loves and shape them into a crown. Use candies to add the jewels to the crown. If the birthday girl loves dolls, shape the cupcakes into a little person and use frosting and candy to add decorations to her face and dress.

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