Icarly Birthday Cake

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Icarly birthday cake can be obtained from your local store or you can even make it yourselves. Making one is not that difficult and you will just have to follow some simple steps and also prepare all the materials that are required.

Since it premiered in 2007 the iCarly show has been fast gaining popularity and has captured the imagination of millions of girls throughout the globe. And if your daughter can’t get enough of show then why not throw her an iCarly themed party for her birthday. Icarly birthday cake will make a difference for the party.

You can either purchase icarly birthday cake for the party from your local bakery store or create the cake yourself. After all, it is not that difficult for creating the cake if, provided that, all the materials required are prepared properly and beforehand.

The things that you will need for making the cake include cake mix of your choice of flavors, ingredients for cake mix – eggs, water, oil, large mixing bowl, mixer, medium bowl for icing, 9 x 13 pan, pam or Crisco spray, knife for cutting cake in 2 pieces, 2 cans vanilla frosting, blue food coloring, pink, purple, teal icing tubes, willy Wonka smarties candy balls (or your choice of round candies for buttons), 2 Hershey’s milk chocolate snack size bars, cake platter, and also the candles.

In order to create the Icarly cake, you can follow some simple steps or procedures. First of all, you need to gather all ingredients needed for making Sam’s Remote Cake. Choose your favorite flavor of cake mix. Our favorite is Pillsbury’s Funfetti for birthday cakes. Preheat oven. Mix ingredients according to package directions. Spray 9 x 13 cake pans and then bake as directed on package. Cool for 15 minutes then place in freezer to insure easier cutting and frosting. Freeze for an hour or longer. Place both cans of frosting in medium bowl. Add 5-6 drops of blue food coloring. Mix until you achieve desired blue color. Remove cake from freezer. Cut cake in half horizontally. Place first layer on platter. Frost the top of cake. Place second piece on top. Complete frosting top and sides.

You can then decorate the cake to resemble Sam’s Remote Control – write ICarly across the top. Pipe 4 pink stars with icing tube – place a candy ball in center of each star for button. Break each snack size Hershey bar in half – each half will become the right side buttons. Pipe icing designs on chocolate – (1) a check – APPLAUSE (2) sad face – BOO(3) 4 dots -RANDOM DANCING (4)box with star and line – SOUND BYTES. Pipe teal icing down sides and middle to create a box look if desired. Finally, don’t forget the candles for the cake.

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