Train Birthday Cake

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Train birthday cake is a nice idea for celebrating kids’ birthday. Various ideas can be incorporated for making the cake as attractive as possible. Some great examples include Thomas the train cake as well as Thomas and friends cake.

Train Birthday Cakes For Boys

Trains are one of the most beloved toys to a child. The look of the steam and the sound of the horn is magic, not to mention that they seem to fly as they glide over their tracks. Children love them, and creating a train-themed party will bring everlasting memories for a child. When creating a train-themed party, decorations are important, but the cake is the centrepiece.

Train Birthday Cakes For Kids

Creating a three-dimensional Thomas cake from scratch could be difficult, so consider taking an easier route, while still making the cake yourself. Purchase a cake pan shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine so you can simply pour the cake batter into the pan and bake it. When you turn the cake out of the pan, it will look like Thomas. Next, frost the cake using red, blue, yellow and black frosting to make it look even more like Thomas.

Easy Train Birthday Cake

Moreover, you may also create a cake that utilises all of Thomas’ friends and looks like a scene out of a Thomas the Tank Engine book or movie. Bake a rectangular sheet cake and frost it with green icing so that it looks like a field. Use black liquorice ropes or black frosting to create a railroad track winding all over the cake. Then, choose small Thomas and Friends toys to place onto the track. Be sure to wash the toys before placing them onto the track.

Train Birthday Cake Designs

The friendly face of Thomas the Tank Engine is instantly recognisable to any child who enjoys reading his books or watching his television show. Create a cake that simply looks like the front of the train. Bake two or three round cakes in graduated sizes and stack them on top of each other. Frost the bottom cakes in red or blue. Decorate the top cake so that it looks like Thomas’ face. Use grey frosting on the cake. Then, use black and white frosting to create Thomas’ eyes, nose and mouth.

Train Birthday Cake Ideas

Rather than creating a large cake for the child’s Thomas party, consider baking a batch of cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes in a couple different ways. One idea is to frost them with grey icing and then use black and white icing to pipe Thomas’ face onto their tops. Alternatively, frost the cupcakes in red or blue icing, or a combination of the two. Then, place a Thomas toy on top of each cupcake. If you can find lollipops or other candies shaped like Thomas, use those to decorate the cupcakes.

Train Birthday Cake

It goes without saying that no Thomas the Tank Engine cake can be complete without featuring the titular character. Whether you use a toy or draw him on the cake, Thomas should be right up front. His round, smiling face, shiny blue body, and black smoke stack make Thomas who he is. Thomas has numerous friends, any of which can be included in the cake. These might include Alfie the Excavator, Annie, Daisy, Arthur, Ben, Bert, Bertie, Cranky or Fergus. Use whoever the birthday boy or girl likes best.

Train Birthday Cakes

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