Twilight Birthday Cakes

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Twilight birthday cakes are an excellent choice for celebrating its fans’ birthday. This well-known movies or novel tend to bring out a lot of different ideas for making a theme cake. Making a twilight birthday cake is not a difficult task but you do need to do some prior preparation before proceeding to make it.

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Even now that the Twilight book series has concluded, it is still popular thanks to the movie adaptations. If you love the idea of having a Twilight-themed party, there are plenty of vampire- or werewolf-related things you can make or buy to host a memorable birthday party. Make a cake in the shape of a stack of books from the famous book and movie saga for a “Twilight” themed party or just for a girl who cannot get enough of Team Edward or Team Jacob. You can use fondant decorations for the cakes or show off your artistic creativity and airbrush the book designs directly onto the cakes.

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There are various ideas that others have created that you can too – You do not need to be a Professional Cake Decorator to create some of these. There are Twilight Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies for every level of Baker. Of course, you will still need to do some prior preparations before you actually delve into making it.

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These are some materials and tools that you may need to have in order to start the process which includes the 2 sponge cake mix, 4 rectangular cake pans, vegetable shortening, black fondant, rolling pin, white or off-white buttercream icing, letter stencil, red fondant, cake tray, 3 small plastic dowels, and 1 long plastic dowel.

Twilight Birthday Cake Ideas

To begin with, you need to prepare two sponge cake mixes and grease the four cake pans with vegetable shortening. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow them to cool on wire racks to room temperature. Roll out four sheets of black fondant to a thickness of approximately ¼-inch. Make book jackets from the fondant. Cut four rectangles large enough to wrap around the front face, side seam and back face of each book cake. The fondant should overhang the edges of the cake slightly just like a hardcover book cover. Cover each of the cakes in a layer of white or off-white buttercream icing. Place on of the cakes on top of one of the fondant rectangles and wrap the fondant around the cake like a book cover. Repeat with the remaining three book cakes and sheets of fondant.

Twilight Birthday Cake Toppers

Then, you can start to roll out a large sheet of white fondant. Place stencils on top of the remaining white fondant and trace the letters to spell each book title from the “Twilight” saga. Trace the words, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Cut out the letters with a sharp knife. Apply a little bit of water to the back of each letter and arrange the letters into words along the spine of each cake book. Trace a large chess piece onto the remaining white fondant. Cut out the shape with a sharp knife. Moisten the back of the shape with water and place it on the top centre of one of the “Breaking Dawn” book. Roll out a piece of red fondant and trace the ribbon shape from the cover of the third book of the “Twilight” saga, “Eclipse.” Moisten the back of the ribbon and place it on the “Eclipse” book.

Twilight Birthday Cake

After that, you can place the “Twilight” book on the centre of a cake tray and insert a small plastic dowel into one corner of the book. Place the “New Moon” book on an angle on top of the first book and slide it down onto the plastic dowel to hold the books together. Insert another plastic dowel into the top cake and slide the “Eclipse” book down onto the dowel. Insert a long plastic dowel into one corner of the stacked cake on an angle. Stand up the “Breaking Dawn” book, lean it against the stacked cakes and push it onto the dowel to hold it in place.

Twilight Birthday Cakes

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