Toddler Birthday Cakes

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Toddler birthday cakes can be in various designs and patterns. Some attractive yet simple cake ideas include the age number cake, toy cake, sports cake, as well as the bunny cake.

Children Birthday Cakes

A toddler birthday party doesn’t seem complete without a birthday cake. Center the cake decor on the party theme or the matching decoration colors. Your toddlers’ eyes may light up when they set their sights on either a homemade or store-bought character, shaped or theme cake for her big day.

Childrens Birthday Cake Ideas

A simple toddler birthday cake idea is to cut a sheet cake into the shape of the child’s age. A homemade number template made from thin cardboard makes the cake cutting easier. The template rests on top of a cooled sheet cake as you cut around it with a sharp knife. You can also purchase specialty cake pans shaped as numbers. Bright colored frosting finishes off the design for the number cake idea.

Baby Birthday Cakes

Clean, plastic toys dress up a plain sheet cake for a toddler cake. This idea works well for anyone, regardless of cake decorating skills. A simple border along the top and bottom edges of the cake give it a finished look. The toys are arranged on top with a birthday greeting written around them. You can also purchase a plain, iced sheet cake from a bakery and add your own toys later. The toys then double as a present for the young guest of honor.

Toddler Birthday Cakes 1

A variety of specialty shaped pans are available for use in toddler cake design. From general shapes such as clowns and cars to specific children’s characters, these pans give a shaped look without any carving. The details are added with tinted icing using a star decorating tip. The cake pan comes with decorating directions to make it a simple project.

Toddler Birthday Cakes

Children S Birthday Cakes

For the little sports-lover in your life, create birthday basketball cupcakes. Bake or purchase large plain sugar cookies and bake your toddler’s favorite cake flavor in cupcake liners. After cooling, frost each cupcake with white frosting as well as half of each of the sugar cookies. With orange icing gel, outline the iced part of the cookie, the outer ring of the cupcake and a square on the cookie icing’s straight edge. Dab icing on the side of the cupcake and press it against the un-iced part of the cookie to appear as a backboard and rim. Adorn with chocolate basketball treats.

Childrens Birthday Cakes

A bunny cake in any color would make the perfect cute birthday cake for a young child. To pull off this cute dessert bake two cake rounds. To make the ears cut one of the cake rounds into the shape of the outer sides of the laces on a baseball and use the other round for the head. Frost it whatever color you like and then draw a face on it with piping gel.

Toddler Birthday Cake

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