Superhero Themed Cake Ideas

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17th, 2015 by Editor

Are capes part of your children’s wardrobe? Do they jump off the couch to see if they can fly? If so, then serve up a powerful dessert to let your little one celebrate his birthday in superhero style.

Whether you are creative enough to decorate your own cake or want to leave it to the professionals, here are some ideas you can adopt.




Both a crime-fighter and showstopper, this colorful Superhero Cake is made with Betty Crocker cake mix, ready-made frosting, chocolate candies and completed with a Fruit Roll-Up cape

Make partygoers feel super special with their very own Superhero Cupcakes. To customize, fill a plastic baggy with frosting, snip the corner and pipe the first initial of each guest.





For an easy DIY Birthday cake, you may bake a cake using any sponge cake recipe. Position miniature action figures around the perimeter of the cake. Using tinted icing, pipe a superhero symbol of your child’s choice (such as Superman’s S) in the center. Write Happy Birthday [your child’s name] on top of the symbol. Voila!


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