Cat Themed Cake ideas

Posted in Animal Birthday Cakes on December 9th, 2015 by Editor

Go a little wild! Throw an animal-theme birthday party for your child. These birthday cakes and cupcakes are designed to please animal lovers with dogs, cats, an elephant, an octopus, monkeys, bears, and a menagerie of kids’ favorites. Start with a purchased cake or cupcake, or use our recipes to bake one from scratch.


Puddy cat cakes and kitten cakes can make the most fabulous gift or birthday surprise for cat lovers and feline fans. Whether as a cake topper, a shaped cake or a sculpted cat cake, there are endless ways to incorporate “cattiness” into a beautiful cake design.


cat cake by Cakes by Carol

cat cake by Cakes by Carol

A simple but perfect cat cake design – perfect if you have to whip up a cat cake in a hurry.



This is kind of funny cake where a black cat is got messed up into wool. It would be ideal cake for a toddler.



Surely the most popular cats are Tom from the animated Tom and Jerry Series and Sylvester from thea Looney Tunes Show. You can model your cat cake after them.